The ultimate wishlist

The ultimate wishlist wishon and you shall get

Create wishlists

  • Add wishes to your wishlists
  • Prioritize your wishes
  • Share your wishlists with others

Create wishlists, with countless wishes on. There are already pre-entered wishlists such as birthday, wedding and christmas Eve, where you can change the name and put the date, if necessary. Share your wishlist with family, friends and acquaintances.

Create wishes

  • Add wishes to the wishlists
  • Manually or via link
  • With or without image

Create countless wishes and set them on the wishlists and share them among those you know. Get the wish directly from a website link or enter it yourself manually. The name, image, price and perhaps a small description is all that it takes to make it easy for others to find just the desire wish entered.

Share wishlists

  • Share your wishlist with friends and family
  • See friends and family wishlists
  • Reserve wishes

Share your wishlists with everyone you know. See your friends wishlists and reserve the wish or wishes you just plan to buy. That way there will not be two identical gifts to the party.